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Spin-off of “The Walking Dead”

Just in case you are a fan of the series on Syfy called The Walking Dead, there’s a spinoff of the original series on that same network called Fear the Walking Dead. The first episode aired on 8/29/2015 and it told the story of a family whose son is a heroin addict, the mom is a principal at his school and the dad is a cop. The son Nick is recovering in the hospital from being hit by a car and when he tells the story of his drug-doing friend eating people; they think he’s going crazy.

The outbreak starts in LA when Nick’s parents are driving back home and the police have the interstate blocked off. They run into Nick on the side of the road and pick him up and take them with him, when he tells them he killed Calvin, but Calvin’s nowhere to be found when they encounter wandering along the roadside and now he’s a zombie. YES I DID SAY ZOMBIE! What you thought this was a spin-off with out the zombie factor (LOL)?

This show actually gives background what happened when the virus first broke out (The Walking Dead doesn’t). All the original character’s have either died off or moved on in the next series (TWD). It shows how life was normal at one point and you could actually hide and stay out sight; but in TWD series there is no hiding out. Zombies are everywhere.

I’ll be giving my play-by-play of each episode that I watch until all 16 episode are done.

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Bloggers frequently overlook the need for consistent fonts and graphics throughout the whole site. Before you set up a mood board for your site you need to think out your color scheme and look around the internet for inspiration on how you want your site to look.

  Font Branding Guide

The link above gives a good idea of how the font and graphics of your site should blend together.


Everyone has their own likings for setting up their website or blog.


Spending time checking out the websites of your competitors, searching for layouts and templates or even working with an experienced designer are all great places to start.

1. A Headline That Draws Attention

Once a visitor comes to your website, you need something that will grab their attention, something that will say, “Hey, you’ve come to the right place!”.

A headline will help decide whether a visitor will stay to learn more or if they’ll move on.

2. Social Media Links and Buttons

The world is social; there’s no way around this. In order for your brand to engage customers and potential customers, an active social media presence is essential.

While certain social media networks are better than others for different businesses, you should always be actively working to build relationships with customers online.

3. Simple Navigation

If visitors to your website can’t find the information they’re looking for quickly and without a hassle, your website has failed.

Internet users are incredibly impatient, and in many cases anything more than a few seconds is too long to spend looking for information.

4. Effective Web Copy

How many times have you received an email or visited a website that offers multiple guarantees, includes too many exclamation points and makes promises that are impossible to quantify?

Probably more than you can count.

5. Map It

Include a map of your business address and the surrounding area where your business is located. You can embed a Google Street/or Earth map on your website.

6. Calls to Action

Ask for a response or feed back even questions the customer may have.

7. A Company Blog

Writing good content to keep your customers up to date on company business and answer questions is extremely important.

8. Contact Page

Include a form and company information as a way to contact key employees within the company.

9. Your Bio

Include a section on your website that tells about you and your background as well as background on the company itself.

10. Mobile Ready

Have your website ready for customers who will be using it on their cell phones as opposed to their PC’s.