Back to School Time Again

It’s that itme again, when we send our little ones (and not so little ones); off to get an education.

My oldest two daughters, Jessica 140215_0000   is now atteding A. Phillip Randolph here in Jacksonville FL and is entering the 11th grade. My oldest daugher Yiesha Booney Wedding 2014-06-07 19-17-09  is in here 2nd year at FSCJ (Florida State College of Jacksonville); where she’s majoring in Pre-Med in the hopes of becoming a Pediatrician one day. As for my “little man” Trevon 131221_0001 is only 3, so he gets to stay home with mom. Aw look he’s taking up reading already.He’s going to be a genius.


Now you can take this time to have some fun while the kids are off to class; or just chill at and get that MUCH NEEDED rest you didn’t get while summer vaction was in full swing. Here’s a list of ideas you can look over to get your juices flowing.


  • Get some unfinished blog post done.
  • Go out and see the sights.
  • Do research for you next blog post.
  • SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Exercise
  • Watch TV (in peace)
  • Do all the laundry you’ve got piled up.
  • Visit other moms with kids in school.
  • Do some shopping (my number one choice)
  • Just do nothing


All of these are good things to do while the kids are in school.  You can do one or two of them or try and do them all (not at one time like I would) LOL. Either way just enjoy this time alone. Tell me what you plan ondoing with this free time.


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