The Spaceships arrived in July 2016; with thses “city-sized” ships hovering over all the major cities in the U.S.; LA, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Houston and Washinton D.C.

They said they were here to rescue the poor, disenfranchised, unjustly incarcerated, victims of domestic violence, the homeless, the drug and alcohol addicted, sexually confused, affected by racisim and punish the rich.

They populated this planet billions of years ago. When God said “let there be light” they hit the switch so to speak. The Bible was createdback then as rule book to live by for this planet’s inhabitantsto live by.

As time passed the original text of the Bible, was deleted and edited so one person or Government to use as a control device over a group of people or even a whole city or town.

So the Bible that is now; is not accurate. The true God of this planet is not named Jesus but Isis-the Mother of the Universe.

The Present Day

Stasis units envelopes three rooms; full of individuals who are undergoing “Psychological Remapping”, performed by “healers” from thier planet. The process removes all negative influences and urges, that they claim is the work of Demoinc Possession and have not revealed how this process works.

At the most, 90% of all individuals who receives these treatments; are fully cured and live renewd lives here on Earth and the other 10% who are resistant to or the process doesnot work for are housed permenantly in one of thier medical facilities, to keep from harming others who have had a successful session; or others who didnot need treatment.

A healer walks in the roomto monitor the patients and inspect tlemetry readouts on the computer; when a young woman walks in has just finished her treatment and is now ready for “enlightment lessons”

        “Come in my dear all are welcome here.  How did you find your treatments?”

        “Fine, I have a slight headache”.

        “I’ll get you something for that. One moment I’ll be back”.

The healer leaves the room to get the woman something for her headache.

The Healer returs carrying a small black box.

Now you finish the story yourself.  I’m waiting to see what you guys come up with.  The complete story will be made available on my Worpress site shortly.


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