july 5, 2015


I know this is crazy but I’ve recently started using Facebook & Google+ Groups & communities. I thought this would have a small impact on my blog growth but it took me by surprise how fast and how much it grew!

Another social media I like is Instagram, it is also a great way to grow your blog. It shows the person reading your blog that your actually a real person. Some blog owners have separate accounts & that’s fun too. To each is there own. I’m lazy so I just have one account. I think it’s fun to scroll through friends & blogger friends (a like) photo’s. Instagram is an awesome tool that can be used especially if your a food, fashion, or beauty blogger.

  1. Add your website URL to your profile page.
  2. Make use of hashtags. You can also add a few from your niche. This will help other folks find you & your blog if it be on accident or on purpose.
  3. Like & comment on photos you like. To others it’s not weird if you don’t know the person. They’ve added their photo to share with the world, they wouldn’t if they didn’t want communication too.
  4. As a blogger there are a bunch of Instagram challenges you can participate in. It’s so much fun to see what other people present their idea of that days word or prompt.
  5. Have fun! Instagram is all about your life in photo’s. Each individual has a different perspective and it takes all kinds of kinds to make the world go around.


It’s all in fun! Here are 5 things I make sure I do when putting up a photo, I hope you find these useful as well.

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