10 Things You CAN’T Blog Without

You have to have resources when you blog-hands down.  There’s a whole gamut of websites from image editing and creating, backgrounds, header creation, to blog promotion.  Here are 10 Tools that will help yoi in your bloggin endevours and should prrove helpful.

  1. Canva

Canva has been the stand out favorite for free and easy to use graphic software for quite some time. What I love about this platform, in addition to it’s base features, is that they are always innovating.

Whether it’s bringing new, free templates to it’s users or their free Design School to advance your skills, the Canva team works hard to help you look better online. Oh and they have an iPad app too!

  1. Pic Monkey

With Canva’s widespread popularity, PicMonkey definitely isn’t the cool kid on the block anymore but it still remains one of my favorites. PicMonkey has more image editing features, so when working with actual photos rather than backgrounds or patterns, this will be your better choice. You could even edit in PicMonkey and then upload to Canva to take advantage of their templates!  Two more great bonuses with PicMonkey: Web clipper: grab a screenshot off the web start editing it straight away Your own fonts! Maintain brand consistency with your images by using your blog’s fonts. Only PicMonkey lets you access your computer’s font library.

  1. Word Swag

One of the best ways to make images for your blog and social media accounts is on your phone. Apps made to fancy up images for Instagram are perfect for many uses, we just need to think outside the (pretty toned filter) box.

The biggest hurdle to using phone apps for blog images is getting the pic you make off your phone. I use DropBox for this, it syncs the images from my phone with my online Dropbox account which in turn syncs with my desktop computer. Make a pic on my phone and then automagically it appears on my desktop moments later.

WordSwag is one of the best apps I’ve ever seen for making graphic quote images.

In the recent 2.0 release of WordSwag, they’ve partnered with Pixabay to include 290,000 free images in the app as well as the ability to watermark with your logo!

  1. Fuze 1

Fuzel is an iPhone and Android app that allows you to make collages with frames, overlays, stickers and typography is about 2 seconds flat. With extra features like animated collages and music, you’ll be making visual projects that help you stand out on social!

  1. A beautiful Mess

From the blog of the same name, A Beautiful Mess App is great for adding fun and whimsical overlays, quotes and stickers to your pics with a touch of hipster flare. Although not as featured packed as some of the other image apps, this one has a certain visual flavour that might be just what you need for your personal brand needs to stand out.

Even More to Love!

Got some time to app surf? Here’s a round up of other apps that might be your new favorite image editor!


PicLab HD



Drop me a line and tell me your favorite apps or PC related software to use in your blogging tasks; wheter they are cloud-based or dowlaods or purchased over-the-counter for ue.


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