A woman is sitting on a park bench in Central Park in upstate NY, and a couple is walking down the jogging and bike trail, there is also a man walking his dog in the other direction.  The morning is quiet and mildly hot; when the quiet is disturbed by many alien spaceships begin to enter Earth’s atmosphere and attack the people in the park.

Humans are being beamed up and aliens are beaming down in return.  Explosions are erupting everywhere, people are running and screaming, animals and birds are fleeing, smoke from burning fires is covering the whole park.  As the aliens beam back up to the mother-ship and leave Earth; news crews arrives to interview the few people still left behind.

A new journalist jumps out the news van and runs over to a group of people gathered trying to figure out what just happened.

This is Point of View #1:

JOURNALIST:  Excuse me Sir, can you tell me what did you see happen here today?

PERSON ONE:  Hey man everything was crazy.  These ships came from out of nowhere; they appeared in thin air, people started vanishing in front of my eys, just like they did on Star Trek Voyager when the would Landing Party to Voyager one to beam up.  After I saw that I ran into one of those vacant buildings over there to hide out until everything was over.  That’s all I know man.

JOURNALIST:  What can you tell me Mam?  What did you see?

PERSON TWO:  Look my nigga, I don’t know WTF that &%#$ was; but them niggas went running, and then them alien people came down like them poeple on the space movies then people just went poof.  I can’t tell ya notin else Dog.

JOURNALIST:  Sir what did you happening?

PERSON THREE:  There were three Intergalactic Space Vehicles that entered the atmosphere at 09:00 hours.  Nine ALF’s that’s Alien Life Forms began to materalize through a dimensional time portal; in the south quadrant area of the park.  The aliens then began to secure the permiter by cornering individuals in groups, and beaming them back to the Mother Ship; most likely orbit Earth right outside our atmosphere.  About 5 or 10 minutes passed and it was all over.  I took cover down in a service tunnel under the water pumping station, so I didn’t witness too much.

JOURNALIST:  Well that’s it.  Three witnesses have confirmed that an Alien invasion DID take place right here in Central Park.  Back to in the news room Dave.






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