Awesome Social Media Sharing Tools Absolutely FREE


Best Free Social Media Sharing Tools

A more personal touch with social networking followers is the most effective, we all need social media sharing tools to manage and speed up the process of sharing. Sharing a blog post using automated tools; produces the same effect as adding it manually, even if you add your own description. Here are some good examples of what I’m talking about.

  • Word Press (Publicize feature) auto-shares with Face Book, Twitter, Linked In and Google
  • Facebook Pages, Groups and Profiles
  • Twitter Accounts – you may have more than one to cover different topics or business areas.
  • Gplus profile, pages, groups.
  • Linked In profile and groups Bookmarking Sites
  • Pinterest and other Image Sharing Sites
  • Skype groups
  • Blogging Networks
  • Marketing Networks
  • Other Social Networks
  • Forums

Book Marklets (content curation posting tool) 2014-06-11 02-11-03

Bitly (shares/shortens URL, stats function)

Buffer (choose preferred posting times)

Hoot Suite (post, update, schedule, message, feeds, like, share, comment, retweet and send direct messages)

IFFT Tools (conncets 2 services and action which triggers action on the other)

Browser Ad-ins (social media posting toold gives more functionality than simple bookmarklets)

Read More by Sue Bride (Original Reference Material) Published 5/16/2014 


I hope this posting was helpful to you.  Try out the applications on your blog and give some feedback on what you thought of each one you used and if it was simple or complex to intergrate into your blog.



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