How to Add Music and Video Download capabilities to Your Blog 2014-06-10 16-18-47




As a blogger  you might want to attach songs or videos to your blog/blog posts as to enable your blog readers either listen/watch to them online or to download them to their devices so they can have them at their disposal.

There are many resources online that can be used to such as YouTube, Sound Cloud, Dropbox, Hulkshare etc. but not all have user friendly interface that will be suitable for blogging  some can only be used to embed music while others  allows only for video downloading and embedding.

I will be singling out one of the resources considered most friendly, easy to use and supports both music and videos uploading and downloading.  We are going to be unmasking Hulkshareas the right resource for achieving this goal.

Hulkshare is one of the major online tools that you can use to upload, share, get links and codes for your songs/videos and for embedding on your blogs/websites. It is free and easy to use, and with it you can even allow your blog visitors to either listen/watch online or downloadto their devices for later consumption.

This is how to use Hulkshare to upload and embed downloadable songs/videos on your blog?

Go straight to Hulkshare and sign up. You can ignore the Facebook connect for sign up option and go straight to fill in your data; this is to enable you choose your own unique username yourself since it cannot be changed after signup. For instance, as a blogger you may want to use your blog title as your username. Also consider uploading a profile picture on the course of the signup.

After signup, you can begin right way to upload your songs/videos from your system or other sources to your Hulkshare account which you want to embed on your blog for your readers to download. To achieve that just click on the upload button at the top of your Hulkshare account page, locate the songs/videos in your system and upload them.

When you are done uploading, you can click on the uploaded item and feel the basic details about the songs/videos with the various options presented to you at that moment by the left hand side of your screen; details such as song/video title, name of the artist, Album title, genre etc. On the process, you can also thick or un-tick the downloadcheckbox to allow your visitors to either listen/watch online or download to their devices. Note you can always edit all these options at any time.

After that, click on your profile pic or name at the top right corner of the screen and select uploads to see your various uploads.

You can edit it again if you wish by locating the tiny edit pen iconjust below the item you have selected, but if everything is OK by you, then hover the mouse below the song/video that you want to embed on your blog. As you do that, series of options will come up, and then select the share option which will bring up a small box window where you will now see the three different options of link, widget and WordPress codes.

Copy the contents of the widget field, then go now to the platform where you are composing your blog post and will want to embed it. Switch to the HTML mode on your post editor and paste the copied code from Hulkshare, switch back to your normal post editor and continue with your post.

Note: After embedding the codes and when pre-viewing your post before publishing, you might not see the song/video on the preview window until you have published your article. And again if you are blogging on WordPress platform, you can choose to copy the WordPress code options from those 3 options above.

When you are done with your article, publish it.

Hurray! You have succeeded in using Hulshare to embed a downloadable song/video to your blog and your readers can enjoy.










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