64 Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Blog




I will be introducing these tips in an 8 part series entitled above.  

We are still learning and adapting to this new landscape. It is being woven into our business and personal lives. It is becoming an extension of both our business and personal brands.

The question is no longer why we should be “digitised” but how to make it work.

The challenges include answering questions such as:

  • Where do you start?
  • How much do I invest in time and resources?
  • Where should I be focusing?

Three key areas.

  1. Social media: Building engaged and passionate followers on social media gives you a powerful distribution network for your content and brand.
  2. Search: Earning the right to rank on the first page of Google or other search engines can be a huge advantage. But you do need to earn this ranking. In essence it is done with three key tactics. Great content, optimizing that content for your keywords and phrases and accelerating its discovery so that people link to your website.
  3. Email: Building an email list is an earned asset that takes time. Sure you can buy one but that is generally only to be advised as an initial seeding and catalyst strategy. People, will subscribe to you if they value your content (or offer) that you place in their inbox on a regular basis.

So here are 64 tactics that you can apply on social media, search engines and with email to drive traffic to your blog and websites

1. Social media

The channels and networks you concentrate on will vary according to your business target audience. Lets look at the following tactics for building a global distribution network to reach prospects and fans.

It’s like building your own media company.


Growing your Facebook “likes” combined with fan engagement and contagious content that begs to be shared is one way of earning attention online.

Here are some tips for improving your organic Facebook reach by attracting more likes

  1. Ensure your profile and “about” tab is clear and linked to your “owned” portal that displays your credibility and expert content
  2. Run a competition that needs a “like” to enter
  3. Ask open questions with a photo in your Facebook updates
  4. Include a Facebook widget on your Website or blog in a prominent position that can be “liked” without visiting Facebook
  5. Link to your Facebook page in your emails and newsletters
  6. Create a custom tab using an app like Shortstack that provides free premium content for a “like”
  7. Promote your content on Facebook to your Twitter followers by tweeting
  8. Update your Facebook page several times a day
  9. Provide a prominent icon on your blog or website that links to Facebook
  10. Include your Facebook links on your free ebooks

That should hold you until my next update, when the next topic I will be discussing is Twitter.



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