Developing a Regular Feature for Your Blog 2014-05-13 03-47-40

One of the best ways to inspire loyalty is to publish regularly. And the best ways to make sure you publish regularly is to create an editorial calendar for yourself and creating a recurring feature — it’s like making a simultaneous promise with yourself and your readers. You’ll do one today, the other tomorrow; and maybe two the next time.

Why do this?

  • Because creating a regular feature means your readers have something specific to wait for at regular intervals — in other words, your blog has a hook.
  • Because it’s always a good idea to work on healthy blogging habits, and regular features help you stay on track.

Other options you have:

  • A weekly photo post (or even better: a weekly photo gallery post).
  • A monthly Q & A with one of your blogging buddies.
  • A Music Monday, featuring the song that rocked your weekend.
  • A Flavor Friday dedicated to the recipe you experimented with over the previous week.

I feel that these suggestion along with the three blog sites listed above; you will be able to pull of the perfect Feature Topic Post every week with no problem.

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