Custom Headers and Colors Using Word Press

Hot Chocolate Many of the themes on features an option allowing users to upload their very own custom image header; in order to create a much more personalized look and feel. using this option is completely FREE, with need to purchase the Custom Design upgrade in order to change the header—as long as your theme includes the option.  

Uploading Custom Header Images

  • Hover cursor over blogs name at top left of admin bar
  • Find and click Customize
  • Click on header
  • Click Add New
  • Select your images (upload from your computer) or use the blogs libraby
  • Drag-n-Drop images
  • Crop (optional)
  • Click Save

If there’s no option for Header selection, your theme doesn’t support this function.  See list of Supported Themes .  If your theme support Flexible Headers, cropping is not needed.  It will automatically upload as is.  Not all themes have this feature.  Read section on Themes with Flexible Headers 2014-05-13 14-21-05 2014-05-13 14-16-08

Header Text Color

Regardless of whether you have the Custom Design upgrade, you may change the color of your header’s text to your liking. Your header is usually where your blog’s title and tagline are displayed; you may change these from the Customizer in the Site Title panel.

To get started, click the Select Color button to open the color picker. You may either pick a color by clicking on it, or you may insert your own color code, just as described in paragraph Color Picker above. Each time you pick a color, the change is applied to the live preview shown on the left.

Custom Background Colors

Custom Colors tools are available for themes with Custom Colors support. To find out if a theme has Custom Colors support, activate the theme and go to Appearance → Custom Design. There will be a note on that page if theme does not support Custom Colors. 2014-05-13 2014-05-13 14-20-05 2014-05-13 14-15-18 2014-05-13 14-12-24

Choose a Palette

When you see a palette you’d like to try, just click on it to apply the colors to the live preview shown on the left. Click the More and Backbuttons to scroll through all the available color palettes.

Color palettes are provided by COLOURlovers.

Change Colors

Adjust the current palette by using drag and drop to swap colors. A circle with an “X” through it means the theme you are using did not set a color for that area.

Color Suggestions

Click each color in the color grid to view customized color suggestions.

Color Picker

To open the color picker, click on a color in the current palette and then click on the link that says pick your own color. The color picker has a safety net for accessibility. If you try to choose a link color that is too similar to the background color, the color picker will automatically add contrast to keep your text readable.


The only images currently being supported are jpg, gif and png files.

Please reply or comment on your experience with my blog and what you took away from this article.




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