Promoting Your Blog and Free Blog Site

Blog Promotion

1. Prepare for promotion

Once you have the post done, and published, you need to do the following to make your life easier for step 3. In a text file or word document

  • Create a summary description of the post (even copy the meta description if you want)
  • Copy the post url
  • If you use Link shorteners, get a copy of the short version too, it’s handy for tweets
  • Make a note of any tags or categories you used in WordPress

2. Social Media

First thing I do is share on social media (of course)

  • You can even click your own share buttons too
  • Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ etc (whatever networks are important to you)
  • ** If your timezone is not the same as your main readers, wait for some of these shares until that ideal time OR find out how to schedule your tweets

Schedule your posts for later at optimal times


You can use TweetDeck, Hootsuite or other tools for scheduling posts, I prefer Buffer


Share content multiple times

  • It’s definitely ok to share many times on Twitter one or two days after the post
  • Pin on other relevant Pinterest boards as the days go on too
  • Perhaps also share on groups or communities as well as your main profile (don’t go overboard it annoys people)


Social Sharing Sites

Of all the URL sharing sites I only use StumbleUpon (other options –  Reddit, or Digg)

3. Sharing Sites

Throughout the day or two after a post, I also go to the following sites and share my posts (and share other people’s on those sites as well)


Viral Content Buzz

This is a site where you can earn points by sharing (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and StumbleUpon) and be shared in return.

This is where you need the file I mentioned earlier. When you post you will need the URL, summary, to choose a category or two etc. And if you use Pinterest, an image URL from your site.


** Just beware, when you first start on this site, they are fussy, so read the rules. No promoting things to sell. Only use one hashtag etc.


Empire Avenue

This is a site I used to use, but have had major issues getting shared here lately and find the shares are not really useful. So take a look if you are interested, but I no longer recommend it.


Just Retweet

Similar to Viral Content Buzz, only it uses Google+, Twitter and Facebook.  And you get to choose how many points you will give per share.  The content here is of lower quality, so check what you share.  AND give at least 20 points per share, else you will be disappointed.



Next I head to Triberr and start sharing content there, in preparation for my content being shared (many will only share if you do too – unless you are Darren Rowse).

You will also want to make sure you post is picked up by Triberr if you don’t have the plugin (personally I removed it, it takes too much load time on my site). Check settings, blog.



Kingged is a great commuinity to share yours (and others) posts. You can also get comment luv comments to your blog here, so it’s worth commenting.  Also, they discourage share and run, so make sure you at least comment and “king” (like) some posts when you are there.



Similar to Kingged, only more established and a bigger community. You will also find a lot of bigger bloggers on here.



Similar to BizSugar but you may not find it easy to get on there. The rules change, so check it out and see.


4. Mailing List

Depending on how you want to communicate with your mailing list, you will also probably want to inform them of your new post.

i used to send a mail per new post, but now I do a weekly mail with all posts and important news I have.




I know that all seems like a lot of work, but it is only a few hours in total (or less depending on how much you share, comment etc.).


Keep this in mind though: there is no point writing awesome content if no one reads it, so sharing and getting shared is really important.


Of course, forming relationships with others on social media and through blog commenting also helps a lot. But a lot of these people I find on the above communities anyway, so do both.


I hope this has been helpful to you. This is something I have worked on over the last year, and now feel I have it at a really good point.


Let me know what you think and feel free to get in touch (reply to this mail) if you have any other great places to share content.

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